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An experimental trial that removes unwanted memories to improve your quality of life...

A solo, movement-based, queer dystopia, LINO explores the line between admiration and identity. Think Black Mirror meets Jen Silverman’s “Betties” meets Batsheva Dance Company meets Netflix’s “Feel Good”.  

LINO was born out of a University research grant. For one month, I lived in Tel Aviv, Israel studying Gaga movement language for my research of gender and performance. While there, I met an incredible dancer who would later become my muse. His name will remain anonymous...

From a student production in the basement of my school to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, LINO is a true passion project. 

As an actor/writer with a background in film production LINO utilizes multiple forms of media, bringing a cinematic aspect that expands solo-show storytelling capabilities. At its core, LINO is about the love and loss of growing up transgender in Texas.

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